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“They knocked it out of the park!! We were able to snorkel with dolphins and sea turtles, and all the stars aligned for a humpback whale to be in our area!! We heard his song way before we saw him, and he swam up to the boat and put on a show just for us, once in a lifetime type of deal completely out of our control. A truly magical experience. Captain Flo was awesome, Josiah, Megan, Ashley, Ezra, Minako, and the whole crew were amazing, 10/10 would do again! Mahalo from the bottom of my heart ❤️” – Danny M.

“I have lived in Hawaii for over 7 years and have taken more than 10 different ocean expeditions and this was the absolute best one without a shadow of a doubt. The boat is beautiful, the crew was the best ever, the experience will be unforgettable and even the food was super ono!!!! Will be recommending it to everyone.” – James C.

“Every single member of the crew was wonderful, everyone was full of spirit and energy. The crew was very mindful of safety and did a practice drop before we entered the deep ocean. The crew took us on multiple drops to make sure that everyone got to see the dolphins. Afterward, they took us in to see the coral reefs and turtles. The boat also had a water slide and paddle boards which we could use. Overall a great experience, I highly recommend doing this.” – Xavier C.

“We had the most incredible experience with Iruka Hawaii Dolphin! This boat tour along the west side of Oahu was simply breathtaking. From start to finish, the crew made sure we were comfortable and entertained. What truly set this tour apart was the abundance of wildlife we encountered. We were lucky enough to see turtles, fish, dolphins, and even whales! It felt like the ocean came alive just for us, blessing us with its majestic inhabitants. The knowledge and passion of the crew were evident as they shared interesting facts about the marine life and the area. The boat was comfortable, and we felt safe throughout the journey. If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure exploring Oahu’s stunning coastline and encountering its vibrant marine life, I highly recommend booking a tour with Iruka Hawaii Dolphin. It’s an experience you’ll cherish forever!” – Jane L.

“Flow and her crew did an incredible job of connecting us with the West Coast ocean and sea life. They showed tremendous knowledge and respect towards the amazing dolphins, turtles, and whales. We’ve lived on the island for a number of years and this trip helped reconnect us to the island from a completely different perspective. We highly recommend taking this journey with this boat and its awesome crew! ” – Adam H.

“I had an amazing time on the Iruka Hawaii Dolphin Snorkeling Tour! The crew was friendly, knowledgeable, energetic, and respectful. They made sure everyone had a great time. We saw a pod of dolphins up close and it was an unforgettable experience. Lots of turtles came out to play too. I would highly recommend this tour.” Geoff S.

“We booked a trip for a group of 14 and we had an amazing time! The shuttle driver, the divers, and the captain were all professional, courteous, and kind. The photographer was a talented diver himself and he captured great images and videos for all passengers to enjoy. We saw humpback whales, sea turtles, sting rays, and swam with dolphins. I highly recommend this team. Thank you, Captain Flow!” – Jason S.

“We have been going on tours with this company for over 8 years now! Every time we visit Oahu or Big Island, we make sure we do at least one of their tours. The guides are always friendly, the boat groups are often small and personal, and they respect the wildlife’s safety and happiness while making sure the humans have a great time! Can’t wait to be out on the water with Iruka Hawaii again soon!” – Hiei R.

“We really enjoyed going with this company! They appeared experienced and knowledgeable in what was necessary for this expedition. As such, I felt safe and was able to have an exciting and memorable experience. Swimming with Dolphins was a highlight and a phenomenal experience. This company found many for us to see. Also, the beginning Hawaiian prayer we participated in felt part of something sacred and special.” – Ryan S.

“I absolutely love this excursion! I’ve done the dolphin swim and turtle snorkel twice and I saw amazing dolphins and turtles both times as well as tropical fish! I also held an octopus for the first time on my second trip. Such an amazing and helpful staff and it’s just an all-around magical experience. I’ll definitely be back and urge others to try this snorkel as well.” – Alexis D.

“What an amazing experience! The captain and crew were very knowledgeable and friendly. When we arrived at the snorkel site we had such a rare treat. Not only were there turtles, but there were 8-10 all in the area. I had to swim away from a couple that were trying to say hello to me since they couldn’t touch you. After the snorkeling, we boated around the bay for a few before docking. They offer many other tours and I will be booking with them again. Capt Nelson, Taylor, and Eugene were awesome! Thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime.” – David D.

“Incredible experience! We had two toddlers & everyone made sure we had what we needed and made us feel very safe to enjoy our experience. Saw many dolphins, turtles, and even whales 🙌” – Rosi L.

“An unbelievable experience! Definitely something everyone should live at least once in their life! Highly recommend this crew and boat! They are the best! Each crew member was so helpful, very patient, and very passionate about what they do! My husband and I will definitely be back and we will bring more family with us!” – Eva M.

“One of the most amazing and breathtaking experiences ever! we saw so many manta rays so close up, and we even got to see a beautiful full rainbow on the way out to the snorkel spot. our crew, Lena, Scott, and Diego always made sure we felt safe and had everything we needed to be comfortable. They even had great snacks and drinks on board, and hot chocolate to warm up on the way back! Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting the Big Island.” – Jessica D.

“Easily one of the coolest experiences of my life. The crew were all so kind, funny, and knowledgeable – loved learning about these gentle giants whilst seeing them SO up close and personal! We got lucky and were visited by some dolphins as well. Will definitely be back. If you’re on the fence, do it, especially if you’re an animal lover. Even my deep-sea-fearing husband came in and can’t stop raving about it. I’ll remember this for the rest of my life.” – Christine K.

“Perfect ended for my last night on Hawaii island. Amazing sunset out in the water. We got surrounded by 150+ spinner dolphins on the way to the Manta’s. Followed by 3 Humpback whales. We arrived to our destination and within 5 minutes we had 5 Manta’s swimming right up to us. We saw around 15+ Manta’s. The water was clear and perfect condition on top of the water too. Definitely coming back, best crew, best captain, he kept us laughing and felt safe the whole time. I brought 6 friends with me and this was their favorite part of Hawaii.” – Raymond P.

“If you are wavering about this excursion, do it! On the way there, we saw a humpback whale, then we saw about 6 mantas as soon as we got in the water, with about three constantly swooping under us (with maybe an inch to spare at times!) for most of the 40 minutes. Don’t worry if you aren’t a strong swimmer, they provide life jackets if you want and you will have a pool noodle to hold your feet up as you cold onto the raft. I’d also recommend going for the wetsuit as it was a huge help in staying warm during and after the swim. Diego, Scott, and Trevor were a great crew: friendly, informative, and quick to help. They even provided free photos/videos of the rays. On the way back, they gave us hot chocolate to keep warm. 10/10 experience that is a must-do if you are visiting Hawaii.” – Hailey S.

“One of the most stunning experiences in all my life. Trevor, Diego, and Joe were knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and humorous. The manta rays were beautiful and their feeding frenzy was so breathtaking, I caught myself shouting, laughing, and yahooing over and over again. I was so immersed in the experience that I did not hear the instructions to head back to the boat or notice everyone leave me behind. But Diego was very kind and helped me get back. Please note, the steps on the ladder onto the boat are high out of the water and steep, so please keep that in mind. I am a larger man with pretty good upper body strength and I barely made it up (granted there was a lot of grunting involved). It is a once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing experience not to be missed, and I am so grateful I chose these guys to do it with.” – Henry T.

“We had an amazing time! Rented the boat out for my wedding and we had a wonderful time. We got lucky and saw about 10-12 manta rays and a dolphin! Highly recommend! I would give 6 stars if I could! Tara, Patrick and the crew were great!” – Melissa S.

“We did the sunset manta ray snorkel and it was by far, the best experience we had on the Big Island! The staff were very professional and fun! They made our entire experience wonderful! Highly recommend this excursion. The manta rays literally swam right underneath us and kept circling. They were so gentle and graceful. Such a neat experience!” – Lisa S.

“I did two tours with them. Manta ray night snorkel and double day whale watching and snorkel. Loved both of them. They were extremely informative, fun and helpful for a novice swimmer like me. We saw 5-6 manta rays, dolphins and Whales. I will highly recommend them. ” – Shantanu P.

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