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To spread aloha and share an unforgettable ocean experience with visitors of our lovely islands.

Our company launched with a single tour in 2008. Since then we’ve expanded and now operate multiple tours from Waikiki and Waianae on the island of Oahu and from Kona, on the Big Island, serving over 400,000 guests. We are extremely pleased to share the joy of swimming with wild dolphins, in their natural habitat, with the world.

As ocean ambassadors, our trained staff is ready to guide you on an incredible adventure. Get to know more about our amazing Oahu crews and Kona crews!


a person sitting on a benchThank you for visiting our website! I would love to share my story with you.

I first swam with dolphins almost 30 years ago (while 5 months pregnant!). That unforgettable day has been burned in my memory. The experience was so inspirational, I changed my last name to “Iruka” which means “Dolphin” in Japanese!

I believe spending time with dolphins can deeply affect us on a human level. I founded this tour company in 2008 to share this revelation with the world. When you embark on one of our ocean tours, with an open mind and open heart, you too can have a life-changing experience.

Since our company’s launch, we have served over 400,000 happy guests and we are honored to have shared our journey with so many. If you would like to experience an amazing ocean adventure, with majestic dolphins, schedule a tour with us! It is my sincere hope that your trip to Hawaii will be unforgettable.


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Yuriko Iruka


Iruka’s life was changed after she gained inspiration from the dolphins’ happiness and wonder. Her mission in life is to share her gratitude and happiness with more people and to inspire others to always live life courageously, positively, and optimistically.

‘Papa’ Henry


Henry Pelekai has been the captain of Iruka Hawaii for as long as ten years. Previously, he worked as a firefighter for 34 years.

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Sasha is Iruka Hawaii’s female captain! She’s cute and friendly and will make your tour enjoyable.

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Brandon was born and raised in Nanakuli. In his spare time, he goes hiking as well as to the beach. He likes to exercise!

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Trevor is from London, UK and marine biology is his area of expertise. He moved to Hawaii and Iruka was “love at first sight” for him. He loves his job and hasn’t given much thought about other careers. He loves marine life so much that we think he’s actually part fish.

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Minako has been with Iruka for at least ten years. She is fluent in Japanese, loves the ocean, and is a qualified freediver and scuba diver. When she’s not in the water, she is a massage therapist. Follow Minako’s photography on Instagram! @minakoellenbecker

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Originally an office worker sitting in front of a computer all day, Kosuke changed his profession to be a guide at Iruka Hawaii. Thanks to sleeping and waking up early, doing balance exercises and swimming with dolphins, his chronic backache has disappeared.

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Born and raised in Maui, Samadhi is half Japanese and half American. He loves the sea and eating. Say hi to Sam!



Born and raised in Kamakura, Japan, Tamae hobby was dancing hula. Occuring by chance or by fate, she moved to the Big Island in 2017. She was the youngest crew at Iruka Hawaii in Kona. She’s always fascinated by the ocean and gives it her all everyday to share the ocean’s charm with our guests. She’s always looking for a challenge. In 2019, she participated in her first triathlon. She has qualifications as an American Red Cross life saver.



Alishiya loves the ocean as well as family and treats it with love and respect. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and hanging out with friends. She also loves making people smile!

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CREW (Big Island)

I love the natural world, whether it’s snorkeling, surfing or just watching my family grow up. That’s what has drawn me to the ocean and it’s what will keep me here.

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CREW (Big Island)

Born and raise in Minneapolis
27 years old
Been living on island 4 years
Love all things sports and outdoors!


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CREW (Big Island)

Born and raised in Key West, FL. She moved to Hawai’i to enjoy surfing and clear blue water.

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CREW (Big Island)

Hey, I’m Mitch! One of the main reasons I moved to Hawaii was to work in the ocean. I love adventure, and spending time with animals and learning about them. Finding new sea creatures you have never been lucky enough to swim with is a pretty cool job.

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CREW (Big Island)

I’ve worked for Iruka for two years, and I love taking people out to swim with manta rays! In my free time I love to surf, motorcycle ride, hike, and read.