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Reserve a Trip For Your School!

Snorkel with turtles and learn about Hawaii's ecosystem in Waikiki!

Multiple cruises and various subjects taught daily. Fun for all ages!

'Ike Hōhonu

Our tour includes snorkeling with turtles, ‘touch and feel’ realistic scientific replicas of marine life, and the chance to view the marine microscopic world under a powerful microscopic lens.

a microscope on a table

Microscope Onboard

  • Ideal for transparent specimens like wastewater.

  • 11.6″ retina display screen above the eyepieces to view, capture images / videos to a removable SD card, or replay images / videos.

a close up of a rock near the ocean

Replica Bottlenose Dolphin Skull

  • A scientifically accurate replica of a Bottlenose Dolphin

a blue and white boat sitting next to a body of water

Island Princess


  • 30 max capacity

  • Bathroom on board

  • Water, Juice, Pineapple included

  • BYOB

a girl in a pool of water

Floating Mat + Stand Up Paddle Boards


Ocean activities fit for the whole family!

Daily Tours Available

2.5 Hours | 7:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm

Tour Topics

  • Monday: Marine Reptiles and Oceanic Birds

  • Tuesday: Marine Mammals and Marine Predators

  • Wednesday: Fish, Coral and Invertebrates

  • Thursday: Marine Reptiles and Oceanic Birds

  • Friday: Marine Mammals and Marine Predators

  • Saturday: “Catch of the Day” (A mix of all topics)

  • Saturday: Fish, Coral and Invertebrates

For Teachers

We do field trips!
  • Our lesson plan is customizable based on your classroom’s needs.

  • All of our tours have English, Japanese and Korean guides available upon request.

  • We can take students snorkeling or offer activities on the shore/boat only. We always have profesisonal, trained saftey swimmers watching over our students/guests at all times!

  • Educational items such as scientific replicas, hydrophones, and state of the art microscopes will be made available for teacher/student use!

  • Guest lectures from local non-profit organizations who specialize in marine life can be made available if requested! Our main non-profit organization we have partnered with is the Hawaii Marine Animal Response!

For Parents/ Students

Fun educational snorkeling trip for the whole family!
  • Learn before you go. Test your knowledge about Hawaii’s marine life with our flashcards.

  • Print out a scavenger hunt/I.D Chart to help you and your children identify the wide variety of tropical fish that call Turtle Canyon home!

  • Photographers will be available to capture the amazing memories and moments of you and your family will experience on board!

For Leisure Travelers

We're not forcing you to learn! But we hope you do!
  •  You will be given the choice to snorkel, enjoy our ocean activities, or engage in our school at sea. The choice is yours for the choosing.

  • You will have the opportunity to snorkel and explore ” Turtle Canyon” a reef system right off of Waikiki that is home to countless turtles and tropical fish.

  • You will have excellent views of the Waikiki coastline as well as Diamond Head.

  • You are more than welcome to bring your own drinks and food but we do ask that you consider bringing recyclable materials