Staff Introduction

Meet the team who will take you on an exciting dolphin and manta ray adventure! Our experienced guides and crew will give it their all to provide you with an enjoyable tour.

Iruka: President

President (Oahu & Big Island)

Iruka's life was changed after she gained inspiration from the dolphins' happiness and wonder. Her mission in life is to share her gratitude and happiness with more people and to inspire others to always live life courageously, positively and optimistically.

Henry: Captain

Captain (Oahu)

Henry Pelekai has been the captain of Iruka Hawaii for as long as ten years. Previously, he worked as a firefighter for 34 years.

JB: Captain & Crew

Captain & Crew (Oahu)

The happy-go-lucky JB is both Captain and crew. He is devoted to ensure a safe and enjoyable tour. His hobbies are bodyboarding and spearfishing.

Sasha: Captain & Crew

Captain & Crew (Oahu)

Sasha is Iruka Hawaii's female captain! She's cute and friendly and will make your tour enjoyable.

Kevin: Captain


Growing up in Laguna Beach, California, Kevin was interested in the sea and fish since he was five years old. In 2001, he moved to Hawaii to pursue his dream of being a ship's captain. He enjoys scuba diving and fishing; his forte is in catching mahi mahi, ahi, and ono. He even won the 2017 Haleiwa fishing tournament. He is also skilled in first aid and CPR to ensure that Iruka's guests have a safe and enjoyable tour.

Brian: Captain


Brian grew up in the Pacific Northwest but moved to Hawaii. He enjoys cycling and fishing. His awesome attitude and smile will be present all through the tour!

Wayne: Captain


Wayne grew up in Table Rock Lake in Missouri fishing and water skiing. He was a scuba diving instructor in Maui for 8 years. He also led wild animal tours in Alaska. With these experiences, he really treasures the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins and manta rays.

Maikai: Crew

Crew (Oahu)

Maikai is our expert conch shell blower. On your tour, you'll most likely find him helping out on board. He sings very well; be sure to tune in to his E hō mai (traditional chant).

Brandon: Captain

Captain (Oahu)

Brandon was born and raised in Nanakuli. In his spare time, he goes hiking as well as to the beach. He likes to exercise!

Pookela: Crew

Crew (Oahu)

Pookela (or Kela for short) grew up in Waianae. He will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable tour!

Donovan: Crew


Donovan is a college student at Leeward Community College. He likes sports such as paddle boarding, hiking, swimming and surfing. He's a little shy but he enjoys meeting new people. Be sure to look out for him and say hi!

Greg: Crew

Crew (Oahu)

Greg who grew up in Florida is a scuba diver who loves the sea and marine life. He love Costco's large pizzas!

Trevor: Crew

Crew (Big Island)

Trevor is from London, UK and marine biology is his area of expertise. He moved to Hawaii and Iruka was "love at first sight" for him. He loves his job and hasn't given much thought about other careers. He loves marine life so much that we think he's actually part fish.

Bradley: Crew


Bradley is a freediver, lifeguard and a photographer! He loves the sea and is attracted to Hawaii's clear blue waters.

Dustin: Crew


Dustin loves swimming, skiing, freediving, surfing, kayaking, and he's also skilled in architecture and art! He loves the ocean and strives to ensure that everyone on board is safe and having a good time.

Minako: Guide

Guide (Oahu)

Minako has been with Iruka for at least ten years. She loves the ocean and is a qualified freediver and scuba diver. When she's not in the water, she is a massage therapist.

Kosuke: Guide


Originally an office worker sitting in front of a computer all day, Kosuke changed his profession to be a guide at Iruka Hawaii. Thanks to sleeping and waking up early, doing balance exercises and swimming with dolphins, his chronic backache has disappeared.

Samadhi: Guide


Born and raised in Maui, Samadhi is half Japanese and half American. He loves the sea and eating. Say hi to Sam!

Tamae: Guide

Guide (Big Island)

Born and raised in Kamakura, Japan, Tamae hobby was dancing hula. Occuring by chance or by fate, she moved to the Big Island in 2017. She was the youngest crew at Iruka Hawaii in Kona. She's always fascinated by the ocean and gives it her all everyday to share the ocean's charm with our guests. She's always looking for a challenge. In 2019, she participated in her first triathlon. She has qualifications as an American Red Cross life saver.

Alishiya: Guide

Guide (Big Island)

Alishiya loves the ocean as well as family and treats it with love and respect. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and hanging out with friends. She also loves making people smile!

John: Photographer

Photographer (Oahu)

John was born in Newport, Rhode Island. He had also lived in Hiroshima, Japan for five years. He loves surfing and marine life. Please check out his Instagram @surfingsaru!

Javier: Driver

Driver (Oahu)

Javier lives to surf. He will also ensure our guests are safe!

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